XU Yizhou

Master Student in NLP at INaLCO

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Master in Natural Language Processing

Text, Computing and Multilingualism Department


Juin 2017

Diplôme Universitaire d'Etudes Françaises

Département Didactique du Français Langue Etrangère

Université Sorbonne Nouvelle

Juin 2013

Master in Translation and Interpreting (English/Chinese)

School of Translation and Interpreting

Beijing Language and Culture University

Juin 2011

B.E. in Computer Science

College of Information Science

Beijing Language and Culture University


Programming Languages

  • Python

    • Seasoned in Python programming (Python3 > Python2)
    • Solid knowledge of Python syntax and advanced features like generator, decorator, collections and itertools
    • Basic knowledge of functional programming in Python
    • Working knowledge of OOP in Python
    • NLP:3 course projects using NLTK, Spacy and Gensim
    • Machine Learning and Data Mining:
      1 course project and 1 production level project using Scikit-learn, Numpy, SciPy, Pandas, Matplotlib, Seaborn
      Basic knowledge of Deep Learning and Tensorflow
    • Experienced in processing data files in different formats (json,xml/html,csv,pdf...) or using different encodings
    • Hands-on Knowledge of web crawling / data scrapping with urlibe+bs4, Selenium and Scrapy
    • Basic knowledge of web development frameworks like Django and Flask
    • Familiar with Python best practices like PEP8(coding style) and PEP257(documentation)
    • Experienced in PyCharm
  • Perl

    • Hands-on knowledge and experience of Perl
    • Basic knowledge of (Linux) system administration with Perl
    • NLP: 2 course projects
  • Java

    • Developing proficiency in Java programming
    • Working knowledge of OOP
    • NLP: 1 course project using CoreNLP; familiar with OpenNLP
    • Experienced in Eclipse
  • C++

    • Basic knowledge of C++ syntax and STL

Natural Language Processing

  • Natural Language Understanding

    • Word level:
    • Sentence level:
    • Document level:
  • Natural Langauge Generation

    • Text to text:
    • Data to text:
  • Software

    • Gate
    • TXM
    • Unitex
  • English

  • French

  • Chinese

    • Sound knowledge of Chinese NLP pipeline
    • Toolkits :
      jieba(2 projects in Python), THULAC(1 project in Python), CoreNLP(1 project in Java)
    • Coprus:
    • 1 project in Bash, 2 projects in Perl, 1 project in Java and 3 projects in Python

Machine Learning / Data Mining / Information Retrieval

  • Machine Learning

Database / Data Warehouse

  • Database-SQL

    • Sound knowledge SQL grammar
  • Database-NoSQL

  • Data Warehouse

Web and Semantic Web

  • Front-end

  • Semantic Web

  • Web Crawling


  • Operating System

    • Hands-on knowledge and experience of Unix-like operating system
  • Bash Programming

    • Skilled in Bash Programming


  • Git/Github

  • Cloud

    • AWS : Experience with AWS EC2, AWS S3, AWS Route 53
  • Latex




The Smartest Places on Earth: Why Rustbelts Are the Emerging Hotspots of Global Innovation

Publisher: CITIC Press

ISBN: 9787508656090

Authors: Antoine van Agtmael, Fred Bakker

Translator: XU Yizhou

English Pronunciation in Use Intermediate

Publisher: Beijing Language and University Press

ISBN: 9787561933220

Author: Mark Hancock

Translator: XU Yizhou